Women With Wings Director’s Report for 2010

Annual Meeting January 20, 2011


March 28 Record with Shelley Graff for her new CD at Main St Studio, Bangor

April 24  Hope Festival with Voices for Peace, “I Believe” with Jill and sing along with Emma’s Revolution

April 25  Interfaith Service “Caring Spiritually For Our Earth”  at UUSB

July 11 Charlie Howard Service UUSB

July 17  Pagan Pride Music Festival at Unity College

July 23-25  Retreat at Hazel’s with fabulous workshop by Linda Tisdale and Anu Dudley

Sept 5 some Wingers sang at UUSB church service “Knitting the Fabric of our Lives”

Sept 5 wood party at Louise’s, who smashed her shoulder and needed a hand

September 25   Common Ground Fair in the circle

September 26 Sofia’s Wedding in Greenville

October 28  Candlelight Vigil in support of GLBT youth at U Maine in front of library

November 6 Temple of the Feminine Divine Ordination

For months:  Wonder Jill recorded many people singing their songs from the songbook for accompanying CD

Linda and Rissa did Singing in Sacred Circle workshops at

          Michigan Women’s Music Festival Aug 3-8,

          Ferry Beach Aug 14-20 and in

          Manchester, Connecticut Nov 12

          spreading the magic of Wings’ singing and

          selling lots of Wings’ CDs and songbooks

We sing the song of and for our ancestors

          We sing the song of and for our descendants

                    We sing the song of and for ourselves and the world of today

 The hands around the circle form the rock

          that supports our standing up for ourselves and for what’s right

The gentle breeze or fierce gale we exhale as we sing

          shifts our lives and the wider world in a better direction

The fire of our collective passion burns away old, harmful ways and

          the ashes feed the sprouts of new, nurturing ways

The surging blood in our veins and warm tears from our eyes

          give us the buoyancy to stay afloat when life feels like a flood

The spirit of love we share, hand in hand,

          weaves the web,

                   builds the community,

                             binds our lives and the world in oneness

In no small way and every small way

          what we do heals each one of us and makes us stronger

In no small way and in every small way,

          what we do makes the world a better place for us and for all

Let us keep on singing together,

          supporting, standing, swaying, breathing, shifting,

                   surging, floating, loving, weaving, building, binding, healing,

                             creating the world we sing about, being our best selves

If we sing it, it is so.   Blessed be.                  Linda Smith Koehler