Women With Wings Music Director’s Report
Annual Meeting January 21, 2010

2009 was a busy year in Women With Wings.  We had more than twice as many performances this year than last.  We did a number of outreach gigs which were touching and meaningful for those of us who participated.  I think the folks we sang for found it beautiful and touching too.  Here’s the list of what we did together out in the world:

Gigs and events:
Jan 19  Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast, in the snow, Wells Commons, U Maine
Jan 22  Spruce Run Annual Meeting, Buchanan House, U Maine
April 25   Many of us participated in the HOPE Festival’s choir with Voices for Peace
May 14  Outreach at Bangor Homeless Shelter
May 16  Midcoast Maine Women’s Health Conference,
       Singing in Sacred Circle Workshop and Concert
May 30  Walk for Water finale concert
May 31  Pam Gross’ Ordination, Belfast
June 11  Outreach, Bangor Nursing Home
June 20 +21  Impromptu Singing for Starhawk, Bangor UU and Unity College
July 8   Charlie Howard Memorial Concert with Voices for Peace
       and Portland Gay Men’s Choir
July 24-26  WWW Retreat at Hazel’s house
Sept 10   Outreach, St Andres Home for young mothers and babies
Sept 26  Common Ground Fair
Oct 8  Outreach, Dorothea Dix Early Release Center for  women
Nov 3  Dirigo Pines Retirement Home
Dec 20  Bangor UU Solstice Service

I have been a Wings addict since its conception in 1993 and that connection just keeps growing deeper.  I was made more aware of how important Wings is in my life recently when the earthquake struck in Haiti.  When something earth-shattering happens (literally and figuratively speaking), I feel disoriented and disconnected.  I was feeling this swirling-alone-in-space feeling after the news.  As Thursday approached, I started to feel the silken threads of our community drawing me back to myself and the circle.  I knew that standing in this circle of women, with our collective energy and intention, I could find my feet back on this earth.  I knew we would weave our web anew and send it to the people of Haiti with the intention of cradling them as they begin the unfathomable task of living after such a disaster.

Just knowing my fellow Wingers were out there sending love and healing to all who need, I felt reconnected and held myself.  I got such a clear image of the earth at night, city lights illuminating the shapes of the continents, with brilliant beams of green light streaking around the globe in an intricate network of love and healing energy.  I see us collectively feeding that web with our songs and love every week.  I imagine the web is fed by all manner of individuals and groups who take time to focus on love and healing to send to the world.  I imagine all the other singing circles, inspired by the work of Kay Gardner and others, feeding this web.  Then I see beams of that energy flowing down out of the sky to hold, support, heal, and bless all the people who need.  It may not solve all the problems of the world, but I truly believe it does great things.

I feel so blessed to be a member of this community.  Wings is such a gift to me and I get the impression others perceive it that way too.  You are my weekly reminder:

       When we are grounded on this Earth and we plug into each other,
       and we open up our hearts, then love flows through,
       and the brilliance of our source shines brightly through our eyes
       and we see that light in everyone and every thing alive.

You are a home to me.  Thanks you for letting me serve this blessed community as music director.  I love you and I love us.  

Blessed be!  

Linda Smith Koehler