"Over several years, women at the First Universalist Church in Bangor had created a spiritual community of women that nurtured and supported many women.  Most of the women had participated in a course about matriarchal roots of religion and feminist spirituality.  This course was such an inspiration that it led to the formation of several women's groups and eventually an annual retreat and a Women's Spiritual Circle.  At the second retreat, Kay Gardner was invited to present a workshop on Women, Music, and Power.

The rest truly is 'herstory'.  We sang with Kay, she asked if there were any questions, Collen Voigt said:  'Will you come sing with us?', Kay said, 'Yes!' and we were born!  We are woven out fo the tremendous women's spiritual energy that gew over the years at the First Universalist Church, now our singing home (The First Universalist Church is now the Unitarian Universalist Society of Bangor)"  An excerpt taken from a pamplet titled, Women With Wings, A Chorus of Women, Bangor Maine