Women With Wings
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Embracing women, spirit, and nature since 1993


There’s a river of birds in migration, a nation of women with wings. ~Libana

Women With Wings seeks the spiritual empowerment of women. It is our goal to create safe, sacred space for exploring women's spirituality through music.  Through song, we enhance consciousness of our connection to Mother Earth and express love for all of Creation.  We celebrate songs and traditions of our own creation, and from many cultures. As we find the power behind our voices, we then blend that power to create an even greater voice.

We meet every Thursday.

Starting in 1993, we’ve been meeting every Thursday at 7 pm. We’re committed.

We welcome all women.

While our group leans toward earth-centered spirituality, we welcome the full spectrum of women.

Everyone has a voice.

Everyone has a voice to share in community. We believe in the individual right to their natural voice.