The Council is the guiding body of Women With Wings. From running the non-profit to supporting group harmony, the Council works towards sustaining Women With Wings into the future.  The Council is made up of up to nine members of Women With Wings who commit to a minimum of 6 months.  The meetings typically occur the second Thursday of the month after the Singing Circle. 

The process we use to facilitate our council meeting has been guided by Peace and Power, Creative Leadership for Building Community, but we don’t use all apsects of it. We supplement this process with more detailed consensus building decision making processes.

1)  Gather and Ground - We usually circle round and hold hands while vocalizing am om, hum, or song.

2)  Check In: “My name is ____.” 

                        “My reflection of our last meeting’s process ____.”

                        “Right now I am feeling ____.”

                        “My intention for this meeting is ____.”

3)  Select:      Convener 

                        Note Taker

                        Time Keeper

4)  Create an agenda:     

Read perpetual calendar

    List items, prioritize, and set times or end time.

                                           Include last month’s meeting’s values issues if needed, minutes from last month, and Treasurer’s Report.

5)  Read last month’s minutes, consent on approval, and review decisions.

6)  Discuss agenda items using Revolving Chair with Circling and Sparking as needed, make decisions by values-based decision-making.

7) Review decisions made at this meeting and people responsible.

8)  Begin agenda for the next meeting.

9)  Check Out:“My name is ____.”

                           “I appreciate ____.”

                           “My reflection on how well we lived our values _____.”

                           “I affirm ____.”
10)  Ground and disperse:  Again, we often sing, chant, and vocalize to reconnect before leaving the circle.

For More Information on Peggy Chinn and her work, please go to her blog!